Multi-style authentic accessory


PÃVANA story

Back in 2019 Pãvana headwear was brought to life by the desire to save our hair.. Yep. We love the ocean, the sun and the wind and to keep loving it we had to make sure our locks survive the tropical shift. One thing lead to another, our friends started wearing it and inventing new wrapping styles, art markets invited us to show off the local trend. Today we are stepping a bit further by introducing Pãvana as an authentic headwear that has the creative freedom to take on your individual style!

How we create PÃVANA magic

Now a little story behind the production process. We do, as a matter of fact, make each piece by hand, here on Koh Phangan island in Thailand. Fabric is also sourced by us and in person. After taking the time to explore the far and dusty corners of street stalls we now have the best that Thailand has to offer. We carry mostly cotton and linen from Bangkok and Chaing Mai, as we have a thing for natural materials that are soft to the touch. Also true, that when any of us travels we keep one eye on those craft stalls, which is a habit that runs deep in our blood. With that said, you will see occasionally fabrics from Bali, Russia and other random spots of our beautiful world.